In the Centro Escolar México, we develop successful people, fostering good habits and values such as respect, responsibility, honesty and solidarity. Offering a comprehensive education.

Our teaching-learning processes are centered on the student, by competences, with significant content, interesting, motivating and thinking generators.

In learning the English language, we emphasize the development of the four communicative skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. In our school the learning of English is not only a matter, if it is not present in different subjects, bringing to the daily life all the concepts learned.

Collaborative work between students, teachers and parents is essential to ensure learning, maintaining adequate communication, seeking to support our students to be more responsible and independent as they progress in grade school.

CEM aspires to the development of the intelligence and talent of all our students.

  • New knowledge
  • Skills
  • Know how to act integrated  way
  • Online support platforms
  • Consolidates the process of reading-writing
  • Construction Mathematics (CIME)
  • Projects bimonthly


  • Interactive display (Smart Board)
  • Artistic expression
  • Music
  • Cultural outings
  • Competitive leagues
  • Camps
  • Robotic
  • Preceptor


– Jazz
– Tae Kwon Do
– Art
– Music

Extracurricular workshops are held from 14:45 to 16:00 hrs. (The time specified depends on the workshop).


Middle school offers a bilingual program


Minor and major middle school